May 1996

Laser Diagnostics of CVD Diamond Film Growth

Charles S. Feigerle and Robert W. Shaw

Feigerle and Shaw describe the critical role played by laser spectroscopy in assessing diamond film growth.

Applications of Fiber Optic Smart Structures

Udd takes a Look at the future of smart sensor systems, including advantages over conventional methods and their broad range of applications in todays booming markets.

The Promise Of Machine Vision

Machine vision has promised new solutions to old manufacturing problems. This article traces the development of machine vision and discusses factors related to successful system integration.

Forming Interference Fringes

This article will deal with the ways in which these fringes are formed and how they can be interpreted to determine the optical quality of the piece under test. As an example, we will examine in some detail the performance of an optical window, as it transmits a piano (radius = infinity) wave front. Understanding of the concepts developed can then be easily applied to other more complex elements, such as lenses and mirrors.

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