February 1996

Passive Optical Networks in the Local Loop

N.J. Frigo

The author reviews the motivation for passive optical networks as a delivery system for services in the Local Loop, the “last mile” in the communication link. He then argues that new developments in WDM components motivate a re-examination of wavelengthdivision-multiplexing (WDM) PONs as a distribution network.

What's Happening with Fiber to the Home?

The author discusses recent progress that indicates fiber-to-the-home may be economical sooner than commonly believed.

Fiber Optic Passive Components Standards: By Design Or Demand?

While it&s true that standardsetting is often a slow, cumbersome process, the fault doesn&t lie entirely with the committee and organizational mechanics. If the need for a standard is truly market driven, the process can move faster

Fiber Optics In Astronomical Instruments

The author describes the application of fiber optics in astronomical spectrographs and interferometers. Important properties of fiber optics that impact spectroscopic applications are also discussed.

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