March 2021

Researcher Natalie Wheeler drawing optical-fiber at the Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, U.K. [Courtesy of the University of Southampton]

Is Nothing Better Than Something?

Jeff Hecht

The idea of guiding light through hollow pipes dates to the 19th century, but solid-core fibers made much better optical waveguides. Now the emerging technology of hollow-core fibers has resurrected an old idea.

Silicon Carbide: From Abrasives to Quantum Photonics

Traditionally used for abrasives, LEDs and transistors, the material may enable scalable quantum and nonlinear photonics through direct integration of solid-state qubits into photonic circuits.

Tim’s Vermeer, Reconsidered

A recent documentary feature film, Tim’s Vermeer, proposes that Johannes Vermeer secretly used a catadioptric telescope and novel mirror–comparator procedure to create his sublime paintings of domestic interiors. How well does that bold hypothesis stand up to analysis?

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Meeting the Future: Fiber

Spotlight on SciComm

Course-Correcting a Career in Optics

Lenses Go Liquid

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