February 2021

Artistic rendering of ESA’s Solar Orbiter. Our roundup of recently launched solar observing missions, in space and on Earth, begins on p. 26. [Illustration by ESA/ATG Medialab]

New Eyes on the Sun

Patricia Daukantas

Three solar observatories—two in space, one on Earth—are using advanced optics to study our closest star in greater detail than ever before.

Meet OSA’s 2021 Fellows

Congratulations to the 118 members of the 2021 class of OSA Fellow Members, who will be recognized at OSA conferences throughout the year for scientific, engineering and technological contributions, as well as industry leadership and service to OSA and the global optics community.

Research and Industry News

Mission: MARS

Evaluating Medical Extended-Reality Devices

The Secrets of X-Ray Spex

Celebrating Women and Girls in STEM

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