April 2021

A young research participant assists in tests of a wearable cap for functional near-IR spectroscopy (fNIRS). [Courtesy of Elisabetta Maria Frijia, University College London, U.K.]

Shedding Light on the Human Brain

Meeri Kim

The freedom of functional near-infrared spectroscopy opens a window into brain activity outside the confines of an MRI machine.

Visual Perception in AR/VR

In an online OSA Incubator Meeting, top industry and academic researchers explored the importance of accounting for aspects of the human visual system to take augmented and virtual reality to the next step.

Cancer Holography for Personalized Medicine

Digital holography can measure the 3D physiology and motion of cancer cells, allowing identification of effective chemotherapies for patients.

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The AR/VR Solution

Applications Engineering in Optics

Setting COVID-19 Research Priorities

COVID-19 and the Biophotonics Industry

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