November 2020

One recent study projected that, within two decades, 29 million metric tons of plastic waste could flow into the world’s oceans each year.  [Photo: Getty Images]

Detecting Microplastics with Optics

Kai-Erik Peiponen, Benjamin O. Asamoah, Boniphace Kanyathare, Jukka Räty and Matthieu Roussey

Emerging optical techniques for sniffing out millimeter- to sub-micron-scale plastics in aquatic settings could aid in the fight against a looming environmental threat.

Perovskite Photovoltaics: The Road Ahead

In terms of efficiency, perovskite solar cells are the fastest-growing solar technology to date, but stability issues still block their widespread commercialization.

FiO+LS 2020 and Quantum 2.0

Aided by an upgraded, interactive interface, OSA’s long-standing annual conference—and a brand-new one focused on emerging quantum technologies—went all-virtual in September 2020.

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Plastic in the Oceans

Squeezed Light and New Horizons

Inside the Trilobite’s Eye

Entangled Photons in a CubeSat

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