March 2020

Today, bundles of optical fiber carry vast amounts of data worldwide. Our feature on the research that led to the first demonstration of low-loss fiber suitable for communications, 50 years ago, begins on p. 26.

The Breakthrough Birth of Low-Loss Fiber Optics

Jeff Hecht

Once Charles Kao had identified the promise of glass for communications, specialists in glass science took on the task of making that promise a reality. A small group at Corning succeeded by taking a contrarian approach.

Toward Intelligence in Photonic Systems

In the not-too-distant future, advances in machine learning will spur a new, transformative generation of optical communication and measurement systems.

Supreme or Unproven?

Despite much recent fanfare, quantum computers still need to show that they can do something useful.

Research and Industry News

Artificial Intelligence

Demystifying Award Applications

A Path to Equality in Asia-Pacific?

OSA Expands Presence in Europe

Taking Telecom Underwater

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