April 2020

Artist’s view of a nanophotonic interfero­metric biosensor for analyzing protein and nucleic-acid biomarkers.

Nanophotonic Biosensors: Driving Personalized Medicine

Maria Soler, Olalla Calvo-Lozano, M.-Carmen Estevez and Laura M. Lechuga

Point-of-care photonic biosensors could promote more integrated, informative, timely and precise diagnoses of human diseases—and better-targeted health care.

Hyperspectral Imaging Meets Biomedicine

Scientists are modifying optical and data-processing techniques from Earth remote sensing and bringing them down to the level of cells and tissues.

The Photonics Online Meetup

The organizers and attendees of an all-virtual, free-of-charge scientific conference consider the future of the format.

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R&D Investment: Funding Global Health

Shifting Policies in the U.S. Impact Science

Quantum Photonics Roadmap

SCAPE 2.0 Microscopy

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