October 2019

3-D laser-nanoprinted towers of up to 500 chiral cubic structures rotated around their axis under load.

3-D Laser Nanoprinting

Vincent Hahn, Frederik Mayer, Michael Thiel and Martin Wegener

Two-photon absorption is enabling additive manufacturing at incredibly fine scales—with emerging techniques promising to enhance speed, precision and flexibility.

Back to the Moon—and Beyond

Optics and photonics technology will play a key role in NASA’s efforts to put more human footprints on the lunar surface—and to use it as a base for farther-flung expeditions.

Ultraviolet, the Vampire Slayer

OPN’s “Light Touch” columnist offers a Halloween treat: a brief cultural history of UV light’s deadly effect on vampires.

Research and Industry News

Ready to Print in 3-D?

Pursuing an Entrepreneurial Vision

A New Lens on Agricultural Monitoring

The Hype about Hype

Determining Molecular Vibrations

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