Recent Achievements, References and Resources

Recent theoretical and experimental achievements
using ST wave packets

Synthesis of ST wave packets with arbitrary spatial profile and spectral tilt angle: Nat. Photon. 11, 733 (2017).

Broadband synthesis with refractive phase plates: Opt. Express 26, 13628 (2018)

Observation of ‘time-diffraction’: Opt. Lett. 42, 4679 (2017); Phys. Rev. Lett. 120, 163901 (2018); Phys. Rev. A 97, 063803 (2018)

Arbitrary group velocities in free space: Optica 4, 1298 (2017); Nat. Photon. 12, 262 (2018); Nat. Commun. 10, 929 (2019)

Incoherent broadband diffraction-free ST fields: Optica, under review

Extended propagation distances: Opt. Express 26, 20111 (2018)

Self-healing after traversing opaque obstructions: Opt. Lett. 43, 3830 (2018)

Propagation in optical materials at c: Optica 6, 139 (2019)

Classification of ST wave packets: Phys. Rev. A, 99, 023856 (2019)

Realization of tilted-pulse-front ST wave packets: ACS Photon. 4, 2257 (2017); ACS Photon. 6, 475 (2019)

Elucidating the role of classical entanglement and identifying the propagation limits: arxiv:1812.10566; arxiv:1901.00538

Law of refraction for ST wave packets: In preparation

References and resources

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Time diffraction

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Recent work

H.E. Kondakci and A.F. Abouraddy. “Diffraction-free space-time beams,” Nat. Photon. 11, 733 (2017).

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