June 2019

The mid-infrared is sometimes called the “molecular fingerprint” spectral region, offering unparalleled access for detecting a range of molecules.  [Image: Getty Images]

Mid-IR Spectroscopic Sensing

Nathalie Picqué and Theodor W. Hänsch

Advances in mid-IR light sources and spectrometers are spurring development of fast, powerful instruments to explore a range of scientific, industrial and biomedical problems.

Fiber Optic Interferometric Sensors at Sea

The story of the U.S. Navy’s effort to develop sensors that used optical fiber to detect targets at sea offers a window into how a technology goes from basic research to production.

2019 OSA Awards and Medals

OSA is proud to honor and celebrate outstanding contributions to science, research, engineering, education, industry and society. Please join us in congratulating the following recipients of OSA’s prestigious awards and medals, who will be recognized at conferences throughout the year.

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