April 2019

The devastation of cancer claimed an estimated 9.6 million lives in 2018. [Image: Getty Images]

Toward an All-Optical Biopsy

Tobias Meyer, Michael Schmitt, Orlando Guntinas-Lichius and Jürgen Popp

Combining multiple photonic imaging techniques could allow for new, noninvasive approaches to tumor detection and assessment, meeting clinical challenges at a time of rising global cancer incidence.

Polarization-Resolved Microscopy in the Life Sciences

Using light polarization as an additional degree of freedom in microscopy can provide new insights into molecular organization.

Quantum Effects in Biology

Photonic techniques are uncovering evidence that life’s evolutionary toolkit just might include quantum coherence, tunneling and entanglement.

Research and Industry News

Cancer: A Growing Global Concern

Checking In with Photomedicine

From Threading Light Through Fiber to Modern Medicine

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