October 2018

Ongoing development has boosted the available power from fiber lasers to as high as 100 kW, creating new opportunities. Is there still room to grow? Our update on high-power fiber lasers begins on page 30. [Image: Getty Images]

High-Power Fiber Lasers

Jeff Hecht

Fiber lasers have laid down a strong track record for high-power, high-quality beams for industry and even the military. The challenge is pushing them beyond their current limits.

Wavefront Sensing in Deep Turbulence

Applications ranging from lidar to free-space laser communications to directed energy require ever-better ways to overcome the distortions of a churning atmosphere. Emerging wavefront-sensing technologies are stepping up to the challenge.

The Solar Zone

Deep in the Arizona desert, a testing facility is advancing photovoltaic technologies.

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Spectroscopy & the Nobel

Jumpstart a Research Career, Anywhere

Are There New Markets Left for Lasers?

Takeaways from the Siegman School

The Great 19th-Century Green-Spectacle Craze

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