May 2018

Samsung’s high-resolution LED cinema screen. [Courtesy of Samsung Electronics]

Cutting-Edge Cinema

Jeff Hecht

A new generation of digital cinema is on the way, with three technologies offering a wider dynamic range, more vivid colors and darker darks.

Topological Photonic Systems

Opportunities are growing for the design of photonic systems that are “topologically protected” from defects and disorders—and in which light can be made to propagate in a single preferred direction.

Gravitational Waves: The Road Ahead

LIGO and Virgo have opened up a new window into the local universe. But the global gravitational-wave community isn’t stopping there.

Research and Industry News

The Laser: Expanding our World

Making the Case for High-Intensity Science

The Real Growth Rate of the Global Laser Market

On 16 May, Light Science Shines

Qualifying Diode Lasers for Space

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