October 2017

Jeff Jarboe (left) and Andy Bayramian check alignment on the diode delivery system on the HAPLS pump laser power amplifier. [Photo by Damien Jemison / LLNL]

High-Average-Power Ultrafast Lasers

Thomas M. Spinka and Constantin Haefner

Recent advances in the average-power capabilities of lasers with petawatt peak powers are enabling new science and applications in industry, biomedicine and security.

Emerging Connections: Classical and Quantum Optics

The blurring of the classical-quantum boundary points to new directions in optics.

How Lasers Got Practical

In ease-of-use and reliability, particularly as aided by automation, lasers have come a long way since the first bare-bones products of the early 1960s.

Research and Industry News

Laser Power

Challenging a Culture of Inequality

Explaining the Laser Market’s Long-Term Growth

“Thoughtographs” and Stanhope Lenses

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