July/August 2017

While news reports increasingly dwell on the threat to future jobs and careers posed by automation, those entering optics and photonics today have ways to turn that trend, and others, to their advantage. [Getty Images]

The Optics Workforce: Looking to the Future

Patricia Daukantas

Do concerns about job-killing robots and the uncertainties of the “gig economy” extend to optics and photonics?

Freeform Optics: Notes from the Revolution

Driven by advances in theory, computational speed, and design and fabrication ingenuity, freeform surfaces continue to make inroads in a range of applications.

Opening a Path to Commercialization

To smooth the academic-to-industry transition, one institution is experimenting with offering biomedical researchers pre-commercial open access to new optical imaging systems still under development. The approach, the authors of this case study suggest, can be a win on both sides.

Research and Industry News

IPAC: A Status Report

A Journey to Equity and Diversity

The Paradoxical Passive-Optics Market

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