September 2016

Artistic representation of an OCT cross section. Illustration by Phil Saunders

Advanced OCT: Making Waves in the Market

Valerie C. Coffey

Optical coherence tomography is poised for further growth thanks to a new wave of progress in applications with commercial potential. Here’s a cross-sectional survey of OCT advances making their way from concept to market.

Found in Translation: Biophotonics from Lab to Clinic

The path from a promising proof-of-concept to a successful product in the hands of physicians is not an easy one. But the effort is worth it.

OSA Centennial Snapshots: OCT and the Flowering of Biophotonics

From the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, government funding and interdisciplinary innovation combined to launch optical coherence tomography—a milestone in biomedical optics.

Research and Industry News

The Deceptive Allure of Sci-Hub

Brexit: A View from the U.K. Photonics Business

Thorlabs: Designing a Business, Part 2

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