March 2016

Last-mile or long-haul, the fiber network continues to face challenges tied to network speed and capacity. Two feature articles in this issue (beginning on p. 22 and p. 30) explore ideas and efforts on strategies to break through those barriers.


Fiber to the Home: Getting Beyond 10 Gb/s

Cedric F. Lam

Bandwidth-hungry applications are driving adoption of fiber-based “last-mile” connections—and raising the challenge of moving access-network capacity to the next level.

Beating the Nonlinear Capacity Limit

The stability enabled by frequency combs can allow correction of nonlinear crosstalk among WDM channels—and, potentially, boost single-mode fiber capacity well beyond the conventionally defined ceiling.

OSA Centennial Snapshots: Global Conflict, Thin Films, and Mary Banning

The brief career of a talented, hands-on optical physicist has much to say about the status of optics, and of women scientists, at midcentury.

Research and Industry News

OFC 2016: Next-Generation Optical Technologies

From Candle to Candela

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