May 2015

SA Honorary Member Charles Hard Townes cleans one of the ISI array’s telescope mirrors with a jet of compressed carbon dioxide. [Photo by Cristina Ryan]

Charles Hard Townes: The Second Half-Century

Patricia Daukantas

After receiving his 1964 Nobel Prize for maser and laser physics, this OSA Honorary Member pursued his diverse interests in basic scientific research, advised the U.S. government on aerospace and defense issues and pondered deep questions about science and religion.

Droplet Lasers

Airborne droplets—celebrated for generating rainbows and glories—can function as tiny resonant cavities enabling new kinds of lasers.

Sources and Science of Attosecond Light

Existing techniques and cutting-edge light sources are opening up the attosecond realm—and illuminating the world of electron motion.

OSA U.S. Congressional Fellowships: A Career-Shaping Event

Q&A with CLEO: 2015 Plenary Speakers

Reynard Corporation: Custom Precision Optics

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