July/August 2015

Artist’s interpretation of a graphene monolayer. [Image: iStock]

Optoelectronics in Flatland

Palash Bharadwaj and Lukas Novotny

Initially energized by the isolation of graphene more than a decade ago, research in 2-D materials is exploding, taking advantage of emerging materials with different strengths that can be combined to create new nanophotonic devices.

Materials and Photonics: Some Recent Developments

An understanding of nonlinear phenomena and their relationship with materials is spurring creation of novel devices, techniques and schemes to control light-matter interactions. Here’s a look at a few recent advances.

Compact X-ray and Extreme-Ultraviolet Light Sources

Bringing the brightness and power of vast synchrotron and free-electron laser sources to the scale of the local lab and clinic marks an important next frontier—and could transform the landscape of X-ray science and technology.

Breaking the Limits of Optical Energy Conversion

Attendees of a recent OSA Incubator Meeting explored new strategies to overcome the limits of optical energy conversion in conventional solar-fueled engines.


Career Opportunities in Intellectual Property

Consolidation in a Global Marketplace

Breaking the Cost Barrier

John N. Howard, 1921–2015

George Stegeman, 1942–2015

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