October 2014

Feature articles in this month’s OPN highlight examples of the touchpoints between optical science/technology and worldwide security  and defense efforts—in an era of increasing global complexity and new security threats in the air, at sea and  in cyberspace. (Photo: Thinkstock)

High-Energy Lasers: New Advances in Defense Applications

Valerie C. Coffey

Directed-energy weapons systems could provide efficient, cost-effective countermeasures in an age of drones and other airborne threats. Recent scientific and engineering breakthroughs are bringing these systems closer to deployment.

Long-Reach Analog Photonics for Military Applications

In the increasingly digital world of electronic warfare, defense and signals intelligence, analog fiber optics and photonics still play a crucial enabling role.

Compressive Sensing Demystified

A little knowledge about an incoming signal can enable superior performance from an inferior instrument.

OSC Turns 50

The story of the University of Arizona’s College of Optical Sciences begins with Arizona’s amazing blue sky—blue sky that turns to jet-black night, attracting astronomers who want optics bigger and better than anything made before; and blue-sky thinking, inspiring breakthroughs in quantum optics and imaginative new technologies.

Scatterings News

Canadian Photonics: The Foundation for a Quantum Leap

Exploring New Frontiers: Q&A with the 2014 FiO Speakers

The Cost of Manufacturing Optics

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