May 2011

Credible (and Edible) Lasers: The Life of Arthur L. Schawlow

Patricia Daukantas

Arthur L. Schawlow was truly a one-of-a-kind scientist and human being. Known for his gentle spirit, his sense of humor and his scientific creativity, he was the only Nobel Prize winner to have served as an OSA president. OPN examines his life and legacy on the 90th anniversary of his birth.

Ultrahigh-Speed Optical Processing Using Space-Time Duality

Temporal all-optical processing systems—which are based on the space-time duality of light—provide a practical approach for meeting the bandwidth demands of next-generation ultrahigh-speed technologies.

In-Fiber Acousto-Optic Devices for Laser Applications

These authors review in-fiber acousto-optic devices that have demonstrated new possibilities for the control of Q-switched distributed feedback and mode-locked all-fiber lasers—in other words, tools for using sound to control light.

Applied Optics and the Early Days of the Laser

Prompted by the complaints of the so-called “Subversive Optics Society” in the late 1950s, OSA launched a new journal in 1962 to represent modern topics in optics. Due to fortuitous timing—and a highly competent managing editor—Applied Optics was able to cover the most current topic imaginable long before its competition: the laser.

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Stretchable Solar Cells

Imaging Drug Effects on Tumors

Growing Lasers on Silicon

Using Satellite Maps to Aid Japan

Energetiq Technology Inc.: From Semi Fab to Bio Lab

OPN Talks with James G. Fujimoto

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