April 2011

Seeing in the Dark: Defense Applications of IR imaging

Valerie C. Coffey

Infrared imaging is used in many defense applications to enable high-resolution vision and identification in near and total darkness. Thanks to recent advances, optics companies and government labs are improving low-light-level vision, identification capability, power conservation and cost.

Towards an Integrated Chip-Scale Plasmonic Biosensor

Biosensing allows researchers to detect tiny amounts of harmful chemicals before they become major threats. These researchers are using advanced optical technologies to develop the biosensor of the future—a plasmonic-based chip-scale device that will allow for compact, inexpensive, ubiquitous and sensitive detection.

Insect Eyes Inspire Improved Solar Cells

Taking a cue from nature, these researchers looked to the compound eyes of insects as a model for developing their unique approach to harvesting sunlight.

OPN Talks with James Fujimoto

A Glass That's Tougher Than Steel

Electron Microscopes Get Twisty

Tiny Room-Temperature Plasmon Lasers

Optonetic: A Niche in Custom Coatings

An Eye toward Multispectral Imaging

OPN Talks with Donald Keck

Presidents of the Mid-1960s

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