February 2011

3-D TV and Movies: Exploring the Hangover Effect

Jeff Hecht

New optical technology takes 3-D light-years beyond the cheesy effects of 1950s horror movies. Audiences flocked to Avatar—which set records for gross sales—and dozens of new 3-D films are in the works. In addition, 3-D televisions are being marketed as the next big thing in home entertainment. Yet a troubling question remains: Why does watching 3-D make some people sick?

Computational Nano-optics: Parallel Simulations and Beyond

Modern theoretical optics often delves into the interaction between light and nanomaterials of complex geometries, and it relies on heavy numerical simulations. This article explores recent breakthroughs in the areas of plasmonics and nanopolaritonics and then describes how to assemble your own supercomputer in order to gather data on nanoscale optics.

Meet the 2011 OSA Fellows

The OSA Fellow designation is awarded to select OSA members who have made significant contributions to the advancement of optics. OSA is pleased to welcome 64 new Fellows into its membership. 

Optics Crosses the Andes

Lasers in Consumer Electronics: The Optical Pickup

New Technology Produces Real-Time 3-D Holograms

Lasers Sort Carbon Nanotubes

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