November 2011

Optical Innovations in the James Webb Space Telescope

Patricia Daukantas

The team building the next big space observatory is using a surprising number of optical innovations—including the technique that helped fix the Hubble Space Telescope.

Keeping It Together with Laser Welding

Laser welding is faster and cheaper than conventional joining technology, and it may even lead to lower greenhouse-gas emissions. Although laser welding is by no means easy to do, technological advances are making it an increasingly viable option within various industries, including transportation, electronics and sensing.

Spontaneous Parametric Processes in Modern Optics

Spontaneous parametric processes have proved to be integral to the advancement of quantum information science. Their incredible versatility, in terms of the emission properties of entangled photons, allows for nearly unimaginable applications in the transmission and processing of quantum information.

Ludwig Boltzmann A Pioneer in Atomic Theory

Ludwig Boltzmann’s pioneering work in atomic-molecular kinetics, statistical mechanics and thermodynamics bridged the gap between Maxwell’s classical physics of the 19th century and the quantum era ushered in by Planck and Einstein.

Making Materials with No Phase Delay

Tiny Camera Captures Images without Lenses

Fabricating Aspherical Lenses

The Violet Ray: A Handful of Lightning to Cure What Ails You

The Art of Seeing: Educating Kids with Partial Vision

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