November 2010

Optofluidics: A Light Stream Interface

Carlos López-Mariscal

Through the burgeoning field of optofluidics, researchers are using fluids to create adaptive optical systems at the microscopic scale, with applications in biophotonics, information processing and sensing.

Wireless-Over-Fiber Technology—Bringing the Wireless World Indoors

The explosive growth of the Internet would not have been possible without optical fiber, which enables the movement of enormous amounts of data over thousands of kilometers. In an increasingly important application of wireless technology, fiber is being used to transport radio frequency signals and enhance coverage in buildings.

How the Laser Launched Nonlinear Optics

If the laser was a solution, nonlinear optics was one of the problems it was seeking. Intense pulses of coherent, monochromatic light were just what was needed to produce nonlinear effects. Once physicists got their first lasers, nonlinear optics blossomed in a golden age of discovery.

Controlling Gas Flow with Light

Laser Controls the Pace of a Beating Heart

Carbon-Nanotube Coating Improves Thermal Detector

Chemistry for Harvesting Sunlight

Peer Review 101: Building a Reputation as a Reviewer

Zygo Corp. Measures 40 Years

Broadband Becomes Global Priority

Along Came a Spider

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