October 2010

High-Power, High-Brightness Direct-Diode Lasers

Stephan Strohmaier, Christoph Tillkorn, Peter Olschowsky and John Hostetler

This is the century of the diode laser. These authors describe how direct-diode lasers are entering the high-power laser market, enabling materials-processing applications such as welding, soldering and cutting.

Making the First Low-Loss Optical Fibers

Thirty years before the laser was invented, researchers laid the groundwork for another huge breakthrough in optics—the development of low-loss fiber for communications.

Broadband Nonlinear Frequency Conversion

Researchers are working to develop new techniques for nonlinear frequency conversion as well as new crystal design structures to help meet this need. Their work is leading to applications in optical communications, metrology and other areas.

So What Do I Do with a Ph.D., Anyway?

In this roundtable discussion, three young professionals with a background in optics talk with OPN about how they answered this important question for themselves.

Interrogating Terahertz with Light

Deep-UV Laser Pulses Get Even Shorter

Silicon On-Chip Amplifier Boosts Mid-IR

Triple-Slit Experiment Has Quantum Implications

A Red Light for Green Laser Pointers

Do We Need Visas for Science-Related Travel?

Wood Visits Rayleigh's Lab

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