June 2009

Green Silicon Photonics

Bahram Jalali, Sasan Fathpour and Kevin Tsia

Silicon photonics has shown great promise in overcoming communications bottlenecks and providing low-cost components for the Internet—but can it help “green” the industry as well? Harvesting the optical energy lost to two-photon absorption in silicon devices may pave the way toward reduced optical losses and the simultaneous generation of electrical power.

Photonic Crystal LEDs

LEDs that have photonic crystals etched on them can direct the emission of light at preferred angles and enhance brightness without consuming more power. These devices have the potential to revolutionize the lighting industry—and spur widespread adoption of environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

Lidar in Space: From Apollo to the 21st Century

Over the last four decades, spaceborne lidar instruments have evolved beyond their original application—altimetry—to tracking glacier melting, gauging wind speeds and spotting snow on Mars.

Lord Rayleigh: A Scientific Life

John William Strutt, also known as Lord Rayleigh, is well recognized as a pioneer in light scattering and other areas of optics. But he was also a master of iterative mathematical techniques for solving complex physical problems.

Exploring Age-Related Farsightedness

In-Vivo Images of Retina’s “Dark” Cells

Did You Know?

Solar Energy: A Global Perspective

EDay a Green Day

Riding Out the Recession

OPN Talks with Federico Capasso

OPN Talks with Alain Aspect

Reminiscences: Aden Goes to War

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