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March 2009

A New Era in Optical Integration

J.L. Pleumeekers, P.W. Evans, W. Chen, R.P. Schneider Jr. and R. Nagarajan

The Internet is increasingly taxing optical networks, and conventional network architecture cannot provide the scalability required to meet this demand. These authors advise telecommunications professionals to follow the lead of the microelectronics industry— by focusing on integrated solutions.

Optical Fiber High-Temperature Sensors

Optical fiber sensors allow researchers and engineers to make accurate, reliable measurements under high-temperature conditions.

The Professional World of Amateur Astronomy

The work of today’s amateur astronomers goes far beyond peering through a telescope on a lonely mountaintop. Thanks to advances in solid-state imaging, software and inexpensive optics, they are collecting professional-quality data and making their own discoveries.

C.V. Raman and the Raman Effect

Barry Masters describes the life and legacy of one of the most important optical scientists of the 20th century.

OPN Talks with Philippe Morin

The Yellow Sun Paradox

CREOL’s Tech-Transfer Success Stories

Nanoscopy Uncovers Cells’ Secrets

Lasing Mechanism Depends on Electron Momentum

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