November 2009

High-Resolution Imaging with Large Ground-Based Telescopes

Craig Mackay

When Hubble’s heyday ends, astronomers will look toward ground-based instruments to provide high-resolution photos of our universe. Lucky Imaging uses the stochastic nature of atmospheric turbulence to produce Hubble-quality images at visible wavelengths.

Optical Biopsy with Confocal Microendoscopy

Using optical biopsy methods, doctors can potentially identify cancer and other conditions more accurately, in less time, and earlier in the course of disease than they can with standard screening techniques.

A Brief History of Spectral Analysis and Astrospectroscopy

From Newton’s first insight into the composition of sunlight to the discovery of helium on the sun two centuries later, scientists’ work on the measurement and analysis of light has led to important discoveries that have greatly expanded our knowledge of physics, chemistry and astronomy.

Optical Microangiography: High-Resolution 3-D Imaging of Blood Flow

Using Fourier domain optical coherence tomography, researchers have developed a new method for producing 3-D images of microvascular blood flow.

Nanolasers Sneak Past Diffraction Limits

Driving Blind

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Training Photonics Technicians

The Pull of the Tractor Beam

Optics in Argentina

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