November 2008

The Magical World of Photonic Metamaterials

Metamaterials have opened a world of new possibilities that would have seemed like science fiction a decade ago, including subwavelength imaging, super lenses, perfect lenses and cloaking.

Coaxial Holographic Data Recording

Holographic memory surpasses all other optical memories in both data density and data-transfer rate—but its development has lagged behind disk technologies. The coaxial recording method may enable holography to become an integral part of the optical storage marketplace of the future.

The Earth Is Not Flat: An Analysis of a Sunset Photo

Can a photo of the sunset over Lake Michigan reveal the shape of our planet?

Optical Interference Coatings: Three Manufacturing Problems

How can one produce a thin-film filter that reproduces irregular spectral transmittance and reflectance curves for near-normal incident light? How about filters intended for use at oblique angles of incidence? These problems were part of a unique thin-film manufacturing competition at OSA’s Topical Meeting on Optical Interference Coatings.

Turning High Schoolers into High-Energy Physicists

The Applied Optics Complutense Group: A Spanish Story

Of Cats and Lasers: A Patently Absurd Tale

And the Winners Are...

The Globalization of Science

Putting Plasmons Through Their Paces

Lasers Manipulate Quantum Dots for Cryptography

Did You Know?

A Profile of Walter Baird

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