July/August 2007

Archaeophotonics: Lasers Unveil the Past

David Artigas, Iain G. Cormack and Pablo Loza-Alvarez

Scientists use two-photon absorption fluorescence to recover written information on Roman relics and solve a 2,000-year-old mystery.

Photonic Crystal Fiber: Finding the Holey Grail

Photonic crystal fiber permits much wider adjustment of key characteristics such as modal phase index, dispersion, nonlinearity and birefringence than is possible in conventional fiber.

Improved Interferometric Optical Testing

Modern electronics, computers and software are changing the ways that interferometry can be used and broadening its metrology applications in industrial and research labs.

The Breakthrough Birth of the Diode Laser

The birth of the diode laser 45 years ago happened very quickly. Decades after the discovery of LEDs, a key experiment showed that diode junctions could emit efficiently. Within four months, four groups had crossed the threshold. By Jeff Hecht

Breaking Barriers to Innovation: Report from CLEO/QELS and PhAST 2007

Thousands of scientists, engineers and executives converged in Baltimore in May to learn about the latest innovations in lasers and photonics.

Buckling up for Self-Assembled Waveguides

Light Pushes Liquids

Did You Know?

Taking the Leap: The Story of Thorlabs

Supporting Science in the House

OPN Talks with Eli Yablonovitch

Chronicling OSA’s History

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