June 2007

Fifty Years of Optical Interference Coatings at the National Research Council of Canada

J.A. Dobrowolski, Dan Dalacu, Li Li, Penghui Ma, Daniel Poitras and Pierre G. Verly

For the past 50 years, the Thin Films Group of the National Research Council in Canada has developed optical coatings that have been used for everything from protecting paper currency against counterfeiting, to increasing the contrast and efficiency of organic LEDs, to forming components of artificial vision systems used in space shuttles.

Envisioning Invisibility: Recent Advances in Cloaking

Throughout the ages, invisibility has been a recurring motif in literature and popular culture. Now, it has captured the imagination of physicists as well, as they work to develop metamaterials that will make cloaking a reality at optical frequencies.

Anticipating the Broadband Revolution: Report from OFC/NFOEC 2007

More than ever before, optical communications is about FTTX—bringing fiber to the home, the small business, the rural villages. In Anaheim, 13,000 attendees at the premier fiber-optics conference learned about the latest advances in super-fast short-haul networks.

Metamaterials Veer Toward the Visible

Optical Measurements of Carbon Nanotubes

Did You Know?

Engineering A New Column

Iridian Spectral Technologies: From Spin-off to Mature Manufacturer

Beyond the Vacuum Tube: Lighting Solutions for the 21st Century

OPN Talks with Sir John Pendry

Whose Research Is It Anyway?

OSA Honorary Members of the 1940s and 1950s

Long-Distance Learning: Teaching Optics in the Outback

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