November 2007

Interplanetary Laser Communications

Hamid Hemmati

Lasers could enable deep-space communication between Earth and planets at the farthest reaches of our solar system. Over the next two decades, optical communications technology is expected to deliver at least an order-of-magnitude higher data rate than conventional radio frequency systems from deep space.

Using Optics to Detect Skin Cancer

New techniques in confocal microscopy could make it easier for dermatologists to distinguish between a benign skin spot and one that can kill.

Scalable Quantum Computing with Linear Optics and Quantum Memories

Quantum computing is a powerful application of the laws of quantum physics. It may one day be far more efficient than conventional computation methods at factoring large integers, performing database searches and making quantum physics simulations.

Toward Applications of Slow Light Technology

Scientists working for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are making progress toward the development of robust, integrated devices that can slow, store and process light pulses. Their research will have a far-reaching impact on high-speed optical processing, telecommunications networks and quantum information science.

Magnets Control Photonic Crystals

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