October 2007

Organic Photovoltaics

Bernard Kippelen

Satisfying the world’s growing demand for energy is an urgent societal challenge. Organic photovoltaics holds promise as a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

Optical Lithography in the Extreme UV

As the number of transistors on a chip continues to increase, the industry’s shrinking feature size is outstripping even the best efforts of optical engineers. Extreme ultraviolet lithography can lead to a more-than-tenfold decrease in wavelength, translating to a startling leap in performance.

Using Lidar to Measure the Ozone Layer

South American scientists are using lidar technology to measure stratospheric ozone, water vapor and aerosols in Argentine Patagonia. Their work is helping to monitor global climate change, and has led to the development of a method for alerting local populations to the presence of the ozone hole.

Lasers Sort Crops from Weeds

Did You Know?

Technology Transfer at the University of Central Florida

Surface Finishing of Complex Optics

Playing With Light

Reminiscences: From the Files of {Arthur Hardy}

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