May 2004

Diagnosing Glaucoma With Laser Precision

Odette Callender

Three laser-based technologies are being applied with success to the diagnosis and monitoring of glaucoma, a leading cause of blindness.

Advances in Efficiency, Speed Reported at OFC 2004

Researchers unveiled impressive results in component design and system performance at OFC 2004. Highlights included record low loss in a hollow photonic bandgap fiber and all-optical packet switching at a staggering rate of 160 Gbit/s.

Holographic Bragg Reflectors, Photonic Bandgaps and Photonic Integrated Circuits

New developments in materials, guided-wave optics and lithography have enabled fabrication of centimeter-scale guided-wave photonic structures with nanometer-scale feature size. Potential application areas include photonic transport and processing.

Key Enabling Technologies for Future Networks

New optical network enabling technologies are poised to trigger a paradigm shift in communications that can lead us down the path to ubiquitous service broadband networks.

Relativistic Optics: A Gateway to Attosecond Physics

Compact lasers can now produce intensities so large that laser-matter interactions are dominated by the relativistic character of the electrons. The new field of relativistic optics offers a gateway to attosecond physics and nonlinear quantum electrodynamics.

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