October 2004

Rochester’s Optics Institute Turns 75

Kim Douglass

The University of Rochester’s Institute of Optics opened its doors in 1929. In the intervening 75 years, it has trained generations of professionals specialized in the techniques and materials on which modern optics is based. A groundbreaking ceremony for the institute’s new building will coincide with Frontiers in Optics, OSA’s 88th Annual Meeting.

Terahertz Imaging For Drug Detection And Large-Scale Integrated Circuit Inspection

Until fairly recently, the terahertz range was considered little more than the dark gap that separated the two halves of the electromagnetic spectrum. Now scientists have come to view it as a bridge rife with possibilities for new applications and research.

Interferometry for Accurate Displacement Metrology

The most accurate measurements of displacements are made with optical interferometry. The author discusses a quadruple heterodyne Michelson interferometer for active position control and the use of Fabry-Pérot interferometry for displacements of up to 50 mm.

Spinning-Disk Interferometry: The BioCD

High speed interferometry on a spinning disk opens new opportunities for sensitive material metrology. A promising new application is fast molecular screening in diagnostic medicine.

Low-Dimensional Optical Waves And Nano-Optical Circuits

Optical waves with one or two dimensions can be used to create nanowaveguides that could ultimately find application in nano-optical circuits.

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