August 2003

Science and Technology in the Submillimeter Region

Frank C. De Lucia

Rapid advances across a broad range of technologies are allowing the submillimeter wave spectral region to fulfill its potential. Astronomy, atmospheric science and fundamental laboratory research are among the areas in which use of the submillimeter is expanding.

Replicated Diffractive Optics and Micro-Optics

Replication technology has moved into the submicrometer world thanks to recent advances in materials and processes. New commercial applications of diffractive optics and micro-optics have emerged as a result.

An Interactive Web-Based Tool for Teaching Optics and Vision

A multimedia teaching aid based on animated Java applets can help users visualize the behavior of complex optical systems.

Targeting in Photodynamic Therapy and Photo-Imaging

For phototherapy and photodiagnosis to be successful, optical agents, delivery technologies and methods of analysis must be carefully matched to the pathophysiology of the disease being targeted.

Lessons at the Speed of Light

Memories of OSA and Optics in the 1920s

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