November 2003

Modeling Receivers in Optical Communication Systems With Polarization Effects

John Zweck, Ivan T. Lima Jr., Yu Sun, Aurenice O. Lima, Curtis R. Menyuk and Gary M. Carter

The authors use a new receiver model to demonstrate that, in optical communication systems, the bit-error rate depends not only on the optical signal-to-noise ratio but also on the polarization states of the signal and the noise.

Plenty to Smile About in Ireland

A major government commitment to biotechnology and information technology is drawing top optics researchers to Ireland.

Using Near-Infrared Light to Detect Breast Cancer

Frequency-domain optical mammography is a safe and painless technique that may one day become a valuable tool for the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

Optical Performance Comparison of Argon-Ion and Solid-State Cyan Lasers

Recent advances in biotechnology have created a need for compact, efficient and reliable 488-nm cyan lasers, a trend which has hastened the development of technologies to replace air-cooled argon-ion lasers in biomedical instrumentation applications.

Optical Slow Wave Structures

Nonlinear processes are enhanced in slow wave structures that consist of a cascade of directly coupled optical resonators. Although slow wave propagation has not yet been deployed at optical frequencies, new research could make slow wave structures the cornerstone of switches and other wideband devices for all-optical processing.

Electronic Delivery of Articles in OSA Journals

Impressions of Kyrgyzstan

The Phantom Laser

OFC 2004: On the Leading Edge

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