January 2003

How the Magic Lantern Lost Its Magic

Thomas L. Hankins

Some of the earliest demonstrations of optical effects evolved around the “magic lantern,” which spread from cloistered beginnings in the salons of European royalty to roadshows and public demonstrations in the great cities of Paris and London.

Fighting Terrorism or Red Tape?

A Florida optics company encounters an unexpected obstacle in its attempt to market a spectrometry-based anthrax detection device.

The Next-Generation Digital Camera

Before the digital camera can conquer a larger share of the home photography market, manufacturers will have to make it easier for consumers to obtain high-quality shots. Every component of the digital camera—from sensors and lenses to power sources and output media—is now the focus of intense development efforts.

Solid-State High-Energy Laser Weapons

Recent advances in semiconductor and solid-state lasers are being applied in the realm of laser weaponry. High-power diode-pumped solid-state lasers bring with them tough questions about the dangers of eye injury, both to soldiers and noncombatants.

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