August 2001

Lighting: New Technology, New Techniques

Timothy Fohl, Edward R. Freniere, and Jeffrey T. Remillard

The emergence of diode lasers as sources of illumination has created opportunities for greatly improved quality and efficiency in lighting systems. It has also created a demand for new methods of designing and fabricating optics to exploit these advantages.

Architectural Lighting & Energy Efficiency

Architecture can be broadly defined as the built environment for human occupation and use. It ranges from homes and offices to capitol buildings and other monuments to our heritage and social values, as well as golf courses and recreational sites.

Hidden Devices that Light Our World: Lightpipes

Lightpipes are used in a wide range of applications including automotive dashboards, pool and spa lighting, jewelry cases, liquid crystal backlights, and projection systems. Their main purpose is to transport flux from the source to the target. The complexity of lightpipe designs continues to increase as improvements in illumination software and computer speed allow better systems to be built.

New Methods of Reflector Design

Illumination optics seeks to produce a desired distribution of light on a given target surface,starting from a source of known characteristics. Illumination optics differs from the optical design of imaging systems in that images are not required in the illumination system—the formation of images, in fact, is usually to be avoided.

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