June 2000

Optical R&D at the Army Research Laboratory

Tyler Krupa

To demonstrate the key role of optics in Army applications, this article highlights three specific research areas that have been identified by the military as being particularly promising.

Time-Resolved Microscopy of Lasers Photothermal Imaging

In the field of photothermal imaging materials, a significant amount of research is now being devoted to developing durable materials and lowering the exposure threshold.

Whither Optical Design?

We have the tools to tackle challenging and exciting problems of much greater scope and interest than ever before, but fewer and fewer people know how to use these tools. 

Technology Policy in the White House

OSA Members on Capitol Hill

Types of Patentable Inventions

Sharpest Field Tables

How to Write An Effective Manuscript Review

Fourier Optics, Part 2

Sapphire Endoscope Objective

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