May 2000

Newton, Prisms, and the "Opticks" of Tunable Lasers

F. J. Duarte

This article focuses on how Newton's original prismatic configurations laid the foundations for some of the principles applied today in the optics of tunable lasers.

Designing Cost-Effective Precision Optical Mounts

A look at what issues an engineer faces in the production of opto-mechanical mounts, including performance, materials, site and the manufacturing process itself.

Dispersion Managed Solitons: The Key to Terabit Per Second Optical Fiber Communication Systems

An update on the dispersion managed solitons that can resolve the technical problems that have prevented the use of the soliton transmission format in optical fiber communication systems.

A Microscope Without a Lens

Eyes on the States


OFC Technical Review

A Next Generation Internet Demonstration

Fourier Optics, Part 1

Post Deadline Papers from OFC 2000

E-Trade Show Launched!

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