March 2000

Undersea Fiberoptic Cable Systems: High-Tech Telecommunications Tempered by a Century of Ocean Cable Experience

Neal S. Bergano

The potential capacity of fiberoptic communications has been understood for 30 years; however, only with the introduction of optical amplifiers and wavelength division multiplexing (WDM), the simultaneous transmission of signals at many wavelengths, has this potential been translated into installed capacity.

Integrated Optical Components for WDM Systems

Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) has arrived. Critical to future system developments are integrated optical components fabricated using silicon optical bench technology.

A 1021 Channel WDM System

Growing demand for bandwidth at distributed locations, such as homes and small businesses, will require systems capable 01 delivering high bandwidths (>10 Mb/s) at affordable costs. Here, we describe an optical system capable of delivering independent 74 Mb/s streams to a very large number 01 users (>1000) using a technique with potentially low per-port costs.

Being Parallel: How Associative Holographic Memories May One Day Deliver Optical Computing

There's more to data storage than storing data: being able to get the right information out when it's needed is crucial. As databases have expanded from thousands of records to millions and from alpha-numeric to multimedia, searching has become a growing problem. Since all the information is stored and accessed serially, finding by their content (rather than their location) can be a long, slow process.

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