February 2000

The Scientific Life of the Camera Obscura

Brian S. Baigrie

The camera obscura has enjoyed two lives, one that has been fully documented by art historians, and a second, comparatively unknown, as an object of scientific speculation.

Machine Vision: Optical Digitization of Free-Form, Complex Surfaces Using the Projection of Structured Light

The Imaging Group of the Optoelectronics Laboratory, University of Brescia, Italy, has been has been involved in the design and implementation of techniques and systems for 3-D vision since 1992. This feature describes the principal characteristics of an optical instrument developed by the lab for 3-D based on the projection of structured light, as well as the results obtained in measuring free-form, complex surfaces.

Auto Industry Embraces Optical Technologies

A look at several new optical-based products that are already (or will soon be) available as factory-installed or aftermarket equipment in the auto industry. Two particularly significant technologies are “smart glass” and night vision systems.

What's Next for Mars?

That's Obvious!

Projection Photolithography

UV-Visible-IR Refractive Lens System

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