February, 1975

Satellite Meteorological Sensing As A Replacement For The Radiosonde Network

Robert A. McClatchey

A major aspect of remote sensing to be addressed at the symposium on this subject in Anaheim May 19-20, is the global sensing of meteorological parameters from a satellite platform as a substitute for radiosondes. Although papers on other aspects of remote sensing are included in the meeting agenda, I wish here to focus on this issue and hope that my comments may help to stimulate discussion.

Looking at Displays

Displays, like beauty, are meant to be seen and — usually — to be understood. Thus it would seem important that displays present good clear images, but unfortunately there is almost no universal agreement and no real standards for display-image quality. Much of that present difficulty stems from the very large variety of displays, the large variety of basic processes for translating a signal into a picture in the different forms of displays, the large variety of techniques for remembering and/or storing the image in or for display, and the great range in the subject matter and format to be displayed.

Toward a Technical Group in Optical Physics

There have recently been a number of new developments related to the field of optics for which the OSA Technical Group structure has not been able to offer its usual advantages. This is because the topics have not logically fitted into any one existing group and were not large enough to justify the formation of a new separate group. An example is the recent rapid developments in experimental and theoretical analysis of radiation fields.

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