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Nano-Biosensing (PD-14-7909)



The Nano-Biosensing program supports engineering research on innovative, transformative, and insightful applications that require use of novel nano-scale bio-inspired engineering principles and approaches.  The program emphasizes research in the area of the monitoring, identification and/or quantification of biological signals, and is particularly interested in projects at the intersection of engineering, life sciences, and information technology.  The development of novel principles and approaches will require highly collaborative interactions between engineers, life scientists and experts in nanotechnology, biomaterials, bioinformatics, and the chemical and physical sciences.  Projects submitted to this program should thus advance both engineering and life sciences.   
The Nano-Biosensing Program supports fundamental research in engineering areas related to:

  • Novel biorecognition elements.

  • Multifunctional nanomaterials and interfaces for biosensing applications.

  • Fundamental studies of bio-macromolecules confinement and orientation at the micro- and nano-interfaces for biosensing applications.

  • Nano-biosensors for basic biology applications (e.g. protein-protein interactions, cellular signaling and cross talk, etc.).

The Interfacial Processing and Thermodynamics Program and the Nano-Biosensing Program may jointly support novel projects related to surface functionalization at the molecular level.
NOTE: Photonic nanosensors with medical applications should be submitted to Biophotonics (CBET 7236).  The program does not support applications with incremental improvements of existing approaches/technologies.

Innovative proposals outside of these specific interest areas may be considered.  However, prior to submission, it is recommended that the PI contact the Program Director to avoid the possibility of the proposal being returned without review.

The duration of unsolicited awards is generally one to three years.  The typical award size for the program is around $100,000 per year.  Proposals requesting a substantially higher amount than this, without prior consultation with the Program Director, may be returned without review.  Small equipment proposals up to $70,000 will also be considered and may be submitted during the annual proposal submission window.


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