Funding Opportunity

Electronics, Photonics, and Magnetic Devices (PD-13-1517)

U.S. National Science Foundation


The Electronics, Photonics, and Magnetic Devices (EPMD) program seeks to improve the fundamental understanding of devices and components based on the principles of micro- and nanoelectronics, photonics, magnetics, optoelectronics, electromechanics, electromagnetics, and related physical phenomena. The program enables discovery and innovation advancing the frontiers of nanoelectronics, spin electronics, molecular and organic electronics, bioelectronics, non-silicon electronics, flexible electronics, microwave photonics, micro/nano-electromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), sensors and actuators, power electronics, and mixed signal devices. EPMD supports related topics in quantum engineering and novel electromagnetic materials-based high frequency device solutions, radio frequency (RF) integrated circuits, and reconfigurable antennas needed for communications, telemedicine, and other wireless applications. The program supports cooperative efforts with the semiconductor industry on new nanoelectronics concepts beyond the scaling limits of silicon technology. EPMD additionally emphasizes emerging areas of diagnostic, wearable and implantable devices, and supports manipulation and measurement with nanoscale precision through new approaches to extreme ultraviolet metrology.Proposals for the EPMD program may involve collaborative research to capture the breadth of expertise needed for such multidisciplinary integrative activities. ECCS will consider supporting a limited number of small team proposals of three or more investigators from different disciplines and/or universities.Areas of interest include:Usha VarshneyBioelectronics and Biomagnetics Devices Science and Engineering Beyond Moore's Law (SEBML) Quantum Devices Magnetics, Multiferroics, and Spintronics Sensor Devices and TechnologiesNext Generation MemoriesJohn ZavadaNanophotonics and Plasmonics Advanced Sources and DetectorsOptical Devices and ComponentsOptical Devices based on MetamaterialsOptical Imaging and SensingSamir El-GhazalyMicrowave/mm-wave/THz Devices and Components Nanoelectronics and Next Generation DevicesVacuum Devices and Electronics Electromagnetic Propagation and ScatteringMetamaterials-Based Devices and ComponentsDevice/Circuit Simulation and ModelingAnupama KaulFlexible and Printed Electronics Organic Light Emitting Devices and Displays Molecular/Organic Electronics and Photonics Carbon-based ElectronicsMicro and NanoelectronicsEnergy-Efficient Green ElectronicsDominique DagenaisFiber Optic Components and DevicesNonlinear and Ultrafast PhotonicsPhotonic Integrated CircuitsOptical Communications and ComputingQuantum Optics and Optical Modeling

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