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Metamaterials: The Next Photonics Revolution

POSTED: 23 November 2009



Nikolay Zheludev of the University of Southampton, U.K., has graciously permitted OPN to reproduce this fascinating video, which is related to Zheludev’s October OPN feature on metamaterial-induced transparency. It explores the science behind metamaterials—crystalline-like sub-wavelength arrangements of electromagnetic resonators that can exhibit exotic optical properties such as negative refraction and cloaking. With a focus on work being conducted at the University of Southampton, the video describes how metamaterials may usher in the next global technological paradigm shift—the photonics revolution. By controlling light with light, scientists can use metamaterials to transform defense, security and global information networks in ways that previously seemed unimaginable. Video by SpaceChannel.org, ©University of Southampton.

Links: October cover story: Metamaterial-Induced Transparency,
EPSRC Center for Nanostructure Photonic Metamaterials
Direct download: Metamaterials_podcast.mp4