Optical Parametric Tunable, Generators: Powerful & Ultrafast

Algis P. Piskarskas

OPOs and OPAs offer a promising method for tuning wavelengths using ultrafast lasers. Piskarskas discusses the history, development, technical design challenges of, and outlook for, these devices. more>>

Test and Measurement: Spatial Profile, Power, Wavelength and Linewidth Measurement Computerizations Alternatives

Gary Forrest

Forrest discusses the trade-offs of stand-alone instruments versus integrated measurement systems for the measurement of beam power, spatial distribution, linewidth, and wavelength parameters. He also anticipates future trends in computerized instrumentation. more>>

Light Guide Fibers: Problems and Prospects

Charles R. Kurkjian, Rolf A. Frantz, and Hakan H. Yuce

The authors discuss the new insights and instruments that allow glass researchers to understand, predict, and improve fiber behavior and lifetimes. more>>

Get green: Fun with thin film interference

Michael E. Knotts

This article describes how to make your own monochromatic lamp for less than $25 and then gives you some fun experiments you can conduct with Newton rings and other thin film effects. For those with a higher budget, an improved design is described that can be made for about $85. more>>


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